Raipur| Recently, Gourav Vallabh has been in the limelight nowadays. On a national television he attended the debate where the face-off that began with Sambit Patra discussing in the subject of Modi government’s 100 days in power of 2019 general election.

While the BJP spokesperson, Patra was presenting how the country is on its way to becoming a $5 trillion economy by 2024, on that statement, Vallabh counter him & decided to cut him in a short way with a simple question – “How many zeros are there in a trillion”?

Patra, who couldn’t answer, went into BJP’s familiar response: by attacking Rahul Gandhi.

Then the Anchor asked to Gourav Vallabh the same question again. And he was prepared enough to answer and tell the number of zeroes in a billion and million too.

Didn’t join the Party for any position-

I did not join the Party in search of any position or power “Politics, for me, is a medium to ensure that there is increase in awareness for these liberal values, Gourav says.

“There was a strong ideological alignment about free, liberal, secular and intelligent values of our country, where development is our Party’s agenda,” he states.

Who is Gourav Vallabh?

Dr. Gourav Vallabh, is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Ph.D., M.Com. (Gold Medalist), LL.B., Certified Financial Risk Manager (GARP, USA) and not long ago he joined as a Congress Spokesperson. He has over 13 years of teaching experience in executive education programmers’.

Though he is been little known among the party’s administration, his ability is much appreciable.

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