Kalinga University organized two days National Conference on “The New Normal-Recent Trends in Business & Management”

Raipur : The two days National Conference on “The New Normal-Recent Trends in Business & Management” was organized successfully by the Faculty of Commerce & Management, Kalinga University, Naya Raipur. The conference was conducted in hybrid mode at the Kalinga University Campus.

The Inaugural ceremony was started at 10:00 with the worship of Goddess Saraswati through Saraswati Vandana. All the dignitaries Dr. R Shridhar, Vice-Chancellor of Kalinga University, Guest of Honour Dr. Jagpal Singh Bal, Dr. Monika Sethi Sharma, In-charge Vice-Chancellor of K.K.Modi University, Durg, Dr. Sandeep Gandhi, Registrar Kalinga University, Dean Students Welfare, Dr. Asha Ambhaikar, Mr. Rahul Mishra, Dean Academics Affairs, Head of Department Dr. Khushboo Sahu, Co-Convenors Dr. Paritosh Dube and Dr. Ruchi Gupta was part of the Saraswati Vandana.

Dr. Sandeep Gandhi, Registrar of Kalinga University, underlined the reason why a seminar on New normal is so relevant. He stated that the new normal is not only related to covid impacts but also the fast-changing impacts of technology and how the world needs to change.

Convener of the conference Dr. Khushboo Sahu, Incharge Head of Department, Faculty of Commerce and Management informed spoke about the purpose of the conference and gave details of various aspects of the national conference. She Informed that over 167 registrations have been done for the conference and more than 80 research papers will be presented on these two days. She outlined the importance of the Concept of New Normal and the reason for choosing the various sub-themes of the conference. Papers were presented on themes and sub-themes of Recent Trends in Business & Management. Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Digital Marketing, Hospitality, International Marketing, and so on.

During the inauguration session, Dr R Shridhar, Vice-Chancellor of Kalinga University gave the welcome speech. He informed about the new recent trends in Business & Management and their specific impact on the consumer and with specific reference to various E-commerce platforms.

Guest of Honour Dr. Jagpal Singh Bal, Deputy Director of DTE Raipur spoke in detail, during the Inaugural function, about the impact of the new normal in the agriculture sector. He outlined the Causes of agricultural problems and the various measures that can be undertaken to handle these causes.

Chairperson during the 1stonline inauguration session was Dr. Monika Sethi Sharma, Incharge Vice-Chancellor of K.K.Modi University, Durg. In her address, Dr. Monika Sethi Sharma addressed the recent marketing strategies, trends, the impact of Covid, and the changes that came in the market after the pandemic. She emphasized the implications of the new normal concept in the current scenario. The session was coordinated by Ms. Jasmin Joshi and Ms. Shinki Pandey.

At the end of the Inaugural function Vote of thanks was proposed by Co-convenor Dr. Paritosh Dube to all the dignitaries present especially with respect to the Patrons and the visiting dignitaries who provided words of encouragement and wisdom.

The chairperson during the offline session which began at 11:30 am was Dr. R Shridhar Honorable vice-chancellor Kalinga University Naya Raipur. Dr. Shridhar sir made observations on a range of various research topics such as cryptocurrency, E-commerce, and Fintech to name a few. His suggestions included further research on the basic premises on which researchers have researched to obtain an in-depth view of the research problems. The session coordinators were Ms. G.Divya and Ms. Neha Choitharamani.

Dr. Yasin Sheikh, Head of Department, School of Commerce, Management & Research, ITM University was the chairperson for the 2nd session of Online mode. The session began at 2:30 pm He submitted corrective suggestions in respect of various research papers. The session was coordinated by Ms. Jasmin Joshi and Ms. Shinki Pandey. 24 papers were presented during the 2 offline sessions and 30 online papers were presented during the day.

On the day end vote of thanks was proposed by co-convener Dr. Ruchi Gupta towards all the participants in Various sessions and present faculty members along with the student volunteers.

25 online research papers were presented on the second day which began at 10 am. The chairperson of 1st Online session for the day was Dr. Ishwar, Associate Faculty, EDII, Raipur. The session started at 10:00 am. Dr. Ishwar during his opening speech outlined the importance of the supply chain for the maintenance of logistics. During the session, Dr. Ishwar made suggestions to various researchers regarding their findings and key areas. The coordinator of the session was Ms. Ruchi Gupta.

The chairperson of 2ndOnline session for the day was Dr. Manoj Vergese, Dean of Innovation and Incubation, Rungta College of Engineering,The session began at 2:30 pm. During the session, Dr Manoj Verges offered suggestions to various researchers with respect to aspects where they can improve their research effectively. The coordinator of the session was Ms. ShinkiKPandey.

During the Valedictory function, which began at 4:00 pm, Keynote Speakers was Ms. Manjeet Kaur Bal, Senior Program Manager, FES, CG. She spoke about the implications of New Normal with respect to Rural Economic Development. Dr. Bal outlined the current challenge and the opportunities being created by the New Normal and how the Rural economic scenario must act in order to adapt to this situation.

Certificates of appreciation for Faculties and Volunteer students were distributed in the presence of Dignitaries present on the occasion including Dr. R Shridhar, Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Asha Ambhaikar, DSW, and Mr. Rahul Mishra, Dean of Academics Affairs.

At the end of the event Dr. Khushboo Sahu, in In-charge the Head of the Department, Faculty of Commerce & Management gave the vote of thanks to all the guests and appreciated the participants’ part in conducting the National conference smoothly.

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