Kalinga University Students Visited Balco Medical Centre on the occasion of “International Thalassemia Day”

Raipur : Kalinga University, Faculty of Pharmacy conducted a One Day Medical Visit to Balco Medical Centre for B.Pharma 2nd Semester Students on the occasion of “International ThalassemiaDay” on 9th May at 10.30 AM onwards under the guidance of Dr.Sandip Prasad Tiwari (Principal) Faculty of Pharmacy. The coordinators of this event were faculty members of Pharmacy named Mr.DeependraSoni (Assistant Professor), Ms. Khushboo Gupta (Assistant Professor), and Mr.PranjulShrivastava (Assistant Professor). The International Thalassemia Day creates awareness to honor the struggle of patients suffering from the disease. Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder that doesn’t let the body create enough hemoglobin. The disease weakens and destroys the blood cells. This day is celebrated across the globe to honor the efforts of doctors, scientists, and medical staff for improving the lives of people suffering from this disease. So, this day is dedicated to the patients suffering from thalassemia disease and provides them with a special chance to live like a normal person and also to prevent the spread of the disease in the society, state, community, country, etc.

Firstly, students visited the Blood Bank Centre whereShriC.P Mishraincharge explained the instruments involved in the storage of blood and separation of blood components with the proper specification, the process of blood collection the criteria for who can donate blood. Then the scientific session was conducted by Dr.Neelesh Jain MBBS, MD, PDF(Hematology) Consultant -Transfusion Medicine & Hematology. In his deliberation, he made the students aware of the blood transfusion, blood group, and Thalassemia and what are these terminologies and criteria for it. He also highlighted the importance of blood donation during his talk. Dr.Jain’s talk was informative for students and students also took active participation in interaction with Dr.Jain. At last, students asked their queries which were suitably answered by Dr.Jain. Total of 70students participated in this visit.

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